Thursday, April 7, 2011

DiY - earrings for your neck

I was at FOREVER 21 a month ago or so..
I was floored by their prices. 
a pair of feather earrings for $2.80!
I used to design embroidery just like this based on vintage pieces,
and before I knew it, I had literally grabbed the entire row.

I already had a gold chain and connecting hoops at home.
spaced them evenly on every other chain loop.
and voila:
the shape works great with a lot of different necklines.

I got a lot of compliments on the necklace today.
it's exactly the necklace I've been searching for.
I'm wearing a casual outfit in the pictures - basically what I wore to work.
but I need it more for dressing up my night out looks.

(the "H" and "P" charm necklaces, I've been wearing everyday these days.
it's two separate chains with our initials, one gold, and one silver <3)

fyi - my sister is returning my dslr this weekend~
so hopefully there will be an upgrade on the quality of my posts :)
and~ I'm bringing my personal imac to the city apt tonight!

1 comment:

  1. oh wow!!! how fabuloussss~ I've been searching for a sparkly gold necklace that wouldn't murder my already wounded bank account.
    Did you buy the chain from f21 too or a trim store??
    Love your DIY's!!!
    xo Diana